Monday, July 23, 2012


A cheerier post :)
The chickens at stonecircle organics (a vegan farm, they inherited the chickens from the previous owners) were some of the fluffiest, shiniest, most self-assured chickens i've ever met. They clucked, scratched and ambled regularly past my caravan and picnic bench, secure in the knowledge that they have the run of the land and will never be eaten.


  1. "fluffiest, shiniest, most self-assured chickens" sounds very sparkly *_* would have rather you keep the image files large so i can zoom up and admire every feather detail ;)

  2. haha they were q. sparkly chickens (noisy too) not a lot of feather detail i think, actually? but will up the image size!

  3. checked them out again, i like the second piece's bottom left best! very descriptive without showing much!

  4. I love these charming chickens..such a nice grouping, especially the first one!
    Thanks for stopping by my own blog recently, and for the congrats on my first Etsy sale. :-)
    Best wishes on your journey, Susan

    1. Thank you for paying a visit Susan, and leaving such a lovely note! :)